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Who we are?

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Established in 2014 and privately held, we attribute much of our success to a culture where bright minds from diverse backgrounds come together to solve difficult challenges facing today’s decision makers. We build strong, collaborative relationships with our clients, within our team, and in the community. Our firm is distinguished by the strength of our collective experiences—intellectual and analytical rigor, creativity, responsiveness, and practical know-how. Our solutions are based on the flexibility, speed-to-market and cost containment considering the unique requirements of your organization either you require an end user business application or an enterprise business application,Understanding of software engineering processes and industry-specific best practices we deliver flexible and highly secure solution.

Why us?

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We are an out-and-out product development company that consists of rich pedigree of product development and technology experts well-versed with all aspects of product development, release management, product testing, and product support working with an agile team.Our team of quality assurance and testers provide software testing as an independent service and essential part of our delivery process.

Hours Work


System Integration

Helping you by seamlessly integrating your new solutions with your existing IT environment.

Web Development

Building your online brand and capturing valuable leads while expanding your audience.

Application Development

Developing powerful, customized applications to address those pressure points and improve the effectiveness of your existing applications.

Application management

Providing the skills, expertise and processes to keep your custom or packaged applications fully optimized.

IT Consulting

Bringing specialized industry experts to enhance your business processes and IT solutions.

IT Staffing

Providing specialized industry and solution experts to give you the right technical know-how for your specific business needs.

E-commerce Design

Developing your online storefront and specializing in enterprise level engagements as well as website e-commerce integration.

Other Services

In the process we even offer you other services which makes us even special.


Our Core team members have years of expertise in Technology and Recruitment, some of them being in IT for 10+ years and thus aware of the importance of rightful resources in variety of projects. This gives our recruiters not just the skill of picking right talent on board; they also have broad industry knowledge and technical expertise, which gives Scintilla an edge over other generalist staffing firms. Our Learning and Development Team designs customized training programmes to leverage techno-professional skills of job seekers onboard.

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Proven Methodology

Agile approaches help teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences, By waving it over their team, managers hope that suddenly, their projects will have a silver bullet solution to product development, collaboration, and on-time product delivery.In an industry where the vast majority of projects miss their initial deadline and are crawling with bugs at launch,Almost every other project planning philosophy depends on the idea that hyper-detailed planning will save the day. we’d all love a guaranteed solution to improve development

frequently asked questions

Are you prepared for the recent changes in the distribution industry?

You know that changes in business are guaranteed, but sales are not.
At Scintilla Soft, helping our clients rethink their options to prepare for the inevitable and the implausible is our business. We help you manage change and keep your business running optimally, no matter the situation.

Does your IT systems run your business?

Technology can limit or liberate your business depending on how you plan, manage and support your IT systems. To properly manage your systems you need an IT partner that understands your business needs and specializes in business technology services for your industry.

How Do You Measure Your Time, Knowledge And Resources?

Fundamentally, Professional Services Businesses are built on time, talent and how well you manage both. You must manage time by project forecasting, budgeting resources, and accurately billing. You must manage talent by allocating resources, retaining knowledgeable consultants, and building new global skills.

Using Dated & Insufficient Planning Tools?

Economic uncertainty and compliance regulations change your manufacturing processes. Lacking the appropriate software can mean enormous amounts of time spent planning and problem solving. .